Allow to pass metadata for Media Session API

The Media Session API and the corresponding Media Metadata interface allows to provide metadata that will be used by different operating systems and browsers. This includes displaying artwork of the currently playing asset (e.g. the poster image), a title, artist and an album.

See examples here: Mobile Web Video Playback

Users benefit from this, as they are then able to gain more information on the currently playing asset, even if the video is not played in the viewport (e.g. Google Chrome “Now Playing” extension) or even if your device is locked (e.g. iOS lock screen/notification center).

Hi Fabian,

This is possible today and we have a sample available on Github: bitmovin-player-web-samples/media-session-api at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-samples · GitHub

Let me know if this helps or if you’re looking for something different.


Hey Daniel,

this sample is what we would have done as well, however we were thinking of having something in the source of the bitmovin player directly, so that the player takes care of the logic (e.g. by taking sourceConfig.title and sourceConfig.poster and maybe extend it by additional, optional fields and use those directly for the media session api metadata setting

Ah, got it, makes sense to me now :+1:
I’ve filed an internal feature request for this and tagged you/your company to it for our Product team to consider.