Access manifest with Android SDK


I’m using bitmovin com.bitmovin.player:player:3.38.0 for my android application, and I’d like to access the manifest of my video but I can’t find any method or property to do so. Could you please help me with it.

Thank you

Hi @obadia.yoni, we currently don’t expose the manifest on Android.
Can you maybe outline what you are trying to achieve so we can either provide a solution or track the interest in a Manifest API?

Best, Lukas

Sure ! I wish to read the manifest to know the different period in it
My usecase is that the manifest got an ad period and i’d like to block the UI so user can’t skip it via timebar or fast-forward

Makes sense. Unfortunately we currently don’t expose this information. In many cases server side ad insertion comes with some metadata signalling, is this something that can be used in your case as well?

Would an event signalling a period switch be enough similar to the PeriodSwitch on the web SDK already help?

There is always the option to use the network API to intercept the manifest on a low level but this requires additional parsing which I understand that this is not ideal. Maybe this can help as a workaround.

Please feel free to add this as a feature request if none of the above works for you.

I think a PeriodSwitch event would be enough yes, if the callback provide the Period info such as id

The latest release includes a new source event SourceEvent.PeriodChanged that is emitted when the active period changes for a DASH source.
Please not the slight naming difference to the web SDK to be in line with other Android Player SDK events.


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