Why my custom player logo changes when using chromecast?

We’ve implemented our own logo in the player, but when a user starts the playback in chrome and then uses chromecast to throw it on a TV, the logo changes to the bitmovin logo. how do we solve that?

Hi @andrei.muntean , thanks for your question. To help us understand the scenario better, can you please share following additional information.

  • What player configuration is being used to enable chromecast support?

  • Is the Bitmovin logo appearing on cast sender(Chrome) or cast receiver(Chromecast device)? Perhaps a screenshot of behaviour will help in understanding the exact situation.

  • How is the Bitmovin logo replaced with custom logo for local playback on sender(Chrome)?

  • Are you using a custom cast receiver application or the reference/default Bitmovin cast receiver application for casting?

In general you can find the latest integration information for casting use case at Bitmovin Docs - Player | Bitmovin Player CAF support

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Lucky Goyal

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