What is "Transfer Error" webhook?

I am trying to trigger 'Encoding Transfer Error' Webhook Details for a specific Encoding on purpose to understand condition when it fires.

Retrieving VOD Encoding Information with the Bitmovin API says that TRANSFER_ERROR occurs when uploading artifact to Output fails.

Assigning invalid Azure Output (which has no corresponding container) to MP4 muxing fails as expected (Error transferring video.mp4 to your storage: Could not upload a file to Azure storage.), but Encoding Error webhook is triggered instead of Encoding Transfer Webhook.

What is Encoding Transfer Error webhook?
When it fires?

Thanks for reaching out to us.
It appears that the Transfer webhook is now obsolete and replaced by the Encoding Error webhook.
I’m getting in contact with our engineering team to get our documentation updated
Please let us know in case there is anything else we can help with.

(internal ref : EN-13466)

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