What does the state "end_play_seeking" indicate?

Below is an example json object for an impression_id “xyz123”

{“impression_id”: “xyz123”,

“videotime_end”: 16000,
“videotime_start”: 15129,
“state”: “end_play_seeking”,
“startuptime”: 0,


What does this state mean? The other states, like “paused”, “startup”, “playing” etc, can be understood but what does this state indicate about the video being played? Another state that causes confusion is the “pause_seeking” state.

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Hi, thanks for this question

Both states are related to the seek action
In the web collector we differentiate between “play_seeking” and “paused_seeking”

  • play_seeking - seek has been triggered while playback is active/ in “playing” state
  • paused_seeking - seek has been triggered while playback is paused/ in “paused” state

The “end_” is just indicating that the state has ended.
Please do not rely on the field “state” as values might be changed in the future.

Hope this answers your question.

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