What are the limits and which codecs are available for SRT ingest in Bitmovin's Live Encoder?

Hi support,

What are the supported codecs for SRT ingest within Bitmovin’s live encoder? Are there any limitations in terms of maximum bitrate?


Hi Callum,
Thanks for the question.
Codec and Formats
There are technically few restrictions defined within the SRT specification, it operates at the Network Transport Level: meaning it places no limits on the specific codec or container that will be transported.
The most common and widely tested workflows with our encoder have been using h.264 and HEVC.
Since SRT version 1.3.3 maximum bitrate value has been set to 1 gigabit per second. In practice as a cloud based encoder there are thresholds in the infrastructure we deploy within, that may mean a 1Gbps stream is not optimal, and we would therefore recommend testing before production and a request for further support, if this is required.
We have provided workflows for customers using upto 100Mbps.

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