Webhooks notificatiosn

When I create a stream or start any existed stream then a live encoding is automatically generated. I want to notify when the encoding status is connected, disconnected via web hook. So I configured a global target webhook on eventType: LIVE_INPUT_STREAM, category ENCODING, resourceType ENCODING. I used ngrok url to get to my local env. But the webhook is not triggered when the status changes to connected, disconnected or any. I also added the webhook from the configuration/notification section. But still no any webhook calls. I found in the community that if the webhooks fails to make connection for 10 times then it updates itself to muted status. When I check it all webhooks are unmuted. Can someone help me on this or guide me where I am missing something here.

I got it now. When I was creating the webhook I had not selected the eventType, category or resourceType. They were just there in placeholder. There was no validation so I didn’t realised it.