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Hi, using c# is it posible to configure so that I’m geting 1 single encoded file after encoding?

Hi @vilnis.leonovs ,

Thanks for asking. Yes, using any of our SDKs (which includes c#), it’s perfectly possible to configure an encoding that only generates 1 file on the output, for example by doing an MP4 muxing that generates a single MP4 output file.

As you can see on this diagram, a typical encoding workflow involves taking an input file and extracting the audio and video streams from it, which are encoded with a given codec configuration to produce a muxing that’s stored in a given output.

If you’re looking for further API documentation specific to C#, here is the full API reference, showing the MP4 muxing class as an example: Class Mp4Muxing | Bitmovin C# API SDK Documentation

Hi everything is ok, I created Blob functionality- upload to Blob and download from Blob it works :slight_smile: We pursued a production version. In the feature we will need to stream videos.

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