Support title in iOS Native UI

Currently we pass title but it does not show in the system native ui. React native video and others support this. Would be a great add to the library. I’ve added below example of the title showing native system ui from other libraries. Bitmovin react native does not at the moment.

Thanks for creating this feature request. We currently do not have support for this as the iOS systemUI does not have this feature. There is no built-in way to display the source title.

Alternatively, you could use our default UI, which supports this.

Hi @francisco,

I’m happy to share an update about this topic. We found out that there is indeed a way to do this as well on iOS and visionOS.

We just released version 3.57.0 from our iOS Player SDK, where we enabled this. This is enabled by default and will use the title property from the SourceConfig to display it accordingly.


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