Successful Migration to Jetpack Media3 🎉

Following up on our announcement in September about the Jetpack Media3 migration, we’re excited to share that we’ve successfully migrated the Bitmovin Android Player SDK including Analytics to Jetpack Media3 so our users don’t have to :tada:

As a reminder, Google deprecated the existing Exoplayer project with their last official release in July and it will soon be discontinued. ExoPlayer users are now faced with the task to migrate to the new Jetpack Media3 architecture in order to get updates and access to the latest features and bug fixes.

We’ve performed this migration under the hood so you don’t have to, saving you the time and effort of updating your video streaming applications. You can still use the same API and get all the improvements of Media3 without additional engineering involvement, though there are a handful of cases where we’ve revised or improved parts of the API to enhance usability, details can be found in our release notes.

Did you know?

Engineering teams using just one of Bitmovin’s mobile (iOS or Android) SDKs save over 300 hours of engineering time each year on baseline maintenance for the native players (ExoPlayer or AVPlayer) alone, allowing services to focus more time on key business features and getting to market faster.

We encourage you to check out the new Bitmovin Android Player SDK version 3.50.0 and share your feedback with us.