Jetpack Media3 for Bitmovin Android Player & Analytics

As Android call a close on the existing ExoPlayer architecture with their last official release in July, ExoPlayer users are faced with the task to migrate to the new Jetpack Media3 architecture. Jetpack Media3 allows for more customisation and modularity with MediaSession natively supporting Media3 Player, however this migration will take some concentrated effort for existing ExoPlayer integrations.

Bitmovin Android Player SDK and Analytics Collector will be migrating to Media3 so that you don’t have to. Users will be able to use the same, unchanged Bitmovin APIs as with the existing ExoPlayer implementation, saving engineering teams the time and effort of updating their video streaming applications.

Engineering teams using just one of Bitmovin’s mobile (iOS or Android) SDKs save over 300 hours of engineering time each year on baseline maintenance for the native players (ExoPlayer or AVPlayer) alone, allowing services to focus more time on key business features and getting to market faster.

Releases for Bitmovin’s Player and Analytics using Media3 are planned for early Q4 2023 [release versions pending]

Hi @jacob.arends , so if I am a bitmovin customer all I need to do is update my app to use the latest* Bitmovin Android SDK, and I’ll be ready on the Media3 architecture?
(* after launch in early Q4’23)

Hi Adrian, That’s correct. Once we’ve migrated to Media3, our customers simply update their Android SDK as normal. They won’t need to do anything else and can keep on using the same APIs as before.

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