Scale Factor metrics for all platforms

Feature request for making the ‘Scale Factor’ metric available for all platforms (i.e. not just web) so that it is possible to understand where there is wasted bitrate streams (where a stream received by the device is higher quality than it is able to display) in order to make optimisations and monitor the effect of these optimisations.

Thanks for raising this Megan. We’re tracking interest (votes) on this ticket here as well as internally.

HI @megan.a.davies,
thanks so much for the feature request.
The main reason why we don’t support Scale Factor (yet) on Native platforms is that the Collector doesn’t get a reference to the View the Player is being rendered to. So it’s impossible to determine the size of the surface the player is being rendered to.

But we might be able to incorporate a configuration option to pass this information along to the configuration - thus enabling the metric. Would that be a feasible approach?

greetings Daniel