React Native Cookies for Cloudfront


I am trying to integrate the Bitmovin player into a React Native app. The videos I want to play are hosted in Cloudfront and require cookies to be passed in the streaming request. Where is the documentation for passing cookies in a React Native request?

Hi @caleb.heinz,

The recommended approach for your use case is that the first Manifest request (DASH MPD or HLS Multivariant Playlist) returns the required cookie via a Set-Cookie HTTP header. Manifest and the media content need to be served from the same domain, and the player will pick up the cookie and use it for the media content requests with the following configurations:

For iOS, you will need to set TweaksConfig.isCustomHlsLoadingEnabled to false.

For Android, you will need to set a CookieManager in the native Android part of the React Native project, as described here in this FAQ.

Note: It’s strongly recommended to use HTTPS for all requests (manifest and media content) to ensure this works well across platforms and devices.