Problems with the Bitrate picker on Android

I am Gonzalo, i have an issue with the player, when i am reproducing a video with the android player, i want to change the video quality and the scrollable picker on the screens stays open for a couple of second and it closed automatically with me touching anything or tapping the back button.
Right now i am using “com.bitmovin.player:playercore:2.70.1” and “”
Does anyone know what going on there? or guide me on how to fix this programmatically?

Hi @gofernandez , thanks for your question.

  • Bitmovin Android player version 2.x is not suppported any more since May 2022. Please see Bitmovin player lifecycle policy for details.
  • First thing that would be recommended is to upgrade to latest player SDK version. The latest Android player SDK version is 3.26.1. You can find migration guide from V2 to V2 here.

Apart from above, would request you to check and share following information.

  • Does your app use default Bitmovin UI or are there any UI customizations done in the app?
  • Can you please share a video recording or screenshots of the UX behaviour that you have described in your query? That will give us a better idea about the behaviour.
  • Also request you to test with one of Bitmovin public sample apps like BasicPlaybackKotlin to check if the behaviour can be reproduced there as well.

Lucky Goyal