Player set storage items on the browser

Hi community.
I’m writing here because I couldn’t find information about these items in any other place.
We are using the Bitmovin player, and noticed that there are some items saved on the browser:

I can imagine that VAST is related to ads, but we don’t have ads enabled on our player. Do you know what these items are?
Can we disable them programmatically or via configuration?
The Bitmovin player version we are using is 7.8.25

Thanks a lot.

Hell o there,

we have added the disableLocalStorage API in player version 8.91.0.

Before that it was not possible to disable the local storage, but the items you are seeing have already been removed prior to that version. We only stored bandwidth measurements and Ad related data at that point.

As for what these values were used for: Tracking how many VAST ads have been played.

Thank you very much. I will close this ticket then :slight_smile:
Have a great day!

Hi @matias.berrutti ,
a similar setting also exists for the Bitmovin Analytics (if you are using it).
You can set the cookiesEnabled setting and still get the benefits of using Analytics:
Bitmovin Docs - Analytics | Cookies in Bitmovin Analytics

let playerConfig = {
  // player configuration stuff
  analytics: {
    config: {
      enabled: false/true, // this controls whether or not the collector is enabled / will report data
      cookiesEnabled: false // this will only disable the cookie - the collector could still be enabled/disabled

greetings Daniel

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