Option for setting a vast timeout in a AdBreakConfig

Feature request
Besides the videoLoadTimeout it should be possible to set a vastLoadTimeout within an AdBreakConfig in order to cancel an ad manifest request after a given amount of time.

Requesting an ad manifest on slow network connections (Mobile, TV’s, …) can take a lot of time which blocks the user from streaming.

According to Albertos answer to this thread, the Player SDK needs to expose access to Google IMA SDKs AdsRequest component.

@marc.schenk thanks for requesting this feature and sharing your requirement for it. We don’t currently have VAST load timeouts on our roadmap so I can’t share a timeline for this feature. However, I have captured your request so we can consider it in our future roadmap prioritisation.

Just to confirm - are you using the Google IMA module in our Player or the Bitmovin Ads Module?

Hi James

We’re using the Bitmovin Ads Module.