Optimize live source rendering

Hi there, I’m trying to optimize an application for Smart TVs, but the source loading is taking too long.
Is there any config, or method to reproduce in low quality when changing hls/dash mpd sources, and then when the user stops changing, return to high quality again, just to change between channels or programs as fast as possible.
Is there any possibility?

Hi, @romeo11marroquin

Thanks for reaching out to our community. And sorry to keep you waiting.

To your question, our web player has a unique feature to control the playback quality in a flexible way. We have a blog post for the topic [1] and we’d appreciate it if you can have a look at it to check how flexibly we can customize the playback quality to cover any scenario. This feature is available on any web playback environments, including Samsung and LG Smart TVs.

In your channel switching use case, I think the preferredStartupQuality code sample (html, js) can be a good fit to force selecting a lower quality only in a startup phase. As an example, the sample restricted the startup quality to “1 Mbps” during the specified startup phase seconds “10 seconds”. You can customize these definitions based on you and your customer’s preferences.

startupQuality = new PreferredStartupQuality(1000000, 10, conf);

[1] Custom Adaptation Logic in your HTML5 Video Player

Hope this feature can help to optimize the playback experience on SmartTVs. Please let us know if you have any question. Thank you.