On React Native Android clicking on subtitles or qualities doesn't open the options to select

How can I make the subtitles or qualities or speed buttons work on Android ?. We are using React Native. on iOS it works just fine. On Android nothing happens when we click on subtitles or qualities from settings.

Hi @youcef.ben!

Thanks for reporting this issue, we will look into it.
We also appreciate community contributions in case you want to open a Pull Request :slight_smile:


@christoph.aigner Thank you for replying,
I was trying to use the getAvailableSubtitles on Android React Native to select a subtitle automatically. The urls are all empty on Android. On iOS I can see the urls and the subtitle is selected and works fine. On Android there seems to be an issue with the label and language of the subtitles as well.

Hi @youcef.ben !
Thank you for reporting this :slightly_smiling_face:

The fix for the settings buttons is on the way and will be released in the beginning of next week. This is the PR: Fix: Video quality and Playback speed selectors doesn't work by zigavehovec · Pull Request #142 · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-react-native · GitHub

Regarding the urls: We don’t return them on the native Android player SDK as they are not always available, and there is usually no need to have them. Do you need the urls for something specific?

What issue are you experiencing exactly with label and language?

Thank you for replying @ziga.vehovec,
So if I pass it subtitles for example Label: ‘English’ and langiage ‘en’ on iOS I see the correct label which is ‘English’ and the url is there. However on Android both the label and language become ‘en’ not ‘English’ for the label. This is not a big issue. The issue is that when we enable a subtitle it appears out of the subtitle-overlay. It is out of frame to the bottom. We minimized the height of the subtitle-overlay using css to fix this issue.
And also there is no getAvailableVideoQualities or setVideoQuality methods.
Thank you

Hi @youcef.ben,
thanks for the additional info!

The subtitle label bug has now also been reported here. This is where you’ll be able to track the status of the issue.

Regarding the “Subtitle appears out of the subtitle-overlay”, could you please create a new bug issue on Github here?

You are right, getAvailableVideoQualities and setVideoQuality are not implemented yet. We will get to it at some point, but we are also very open to contributions :slight_smile: