Nextjs swcMinify causes TypeError in Bitmovin Analytics

TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'config') in get collectorConfig [as collectorConfig]

We are seeing a lot of these errors at the beginning of HLS livestream videos. We use our own HLS.js video player. Oddly enough, we still see all stats appear just fine in our Analytics dashboard.

Noteworthy: our app is Nextjs v12.3.1 with swcMinify enabled. When we disable swcMinify, this error does not occur. So it seems swcMinify is causing this error.

Is this something you guys are aware of?

Hi Tenzin,

I’m not aware of this issue, but it sounds as if swcMinify is unexpectedly altering code paths it shouldn’t. Sounds like an issue which should be raised with swcMinfiy team, or the minifcation settings are set too aggressively. I don’t see how this could be an issue with the Bitmovin Analytics collector :thinking: