Live Encoding with akamai netstorage

Hello, I’m encountering an issue while encoding a live stream and attempting to output it to Akamai NetStorage. I’ve double-checked the accuracy of the credentials I provided for the NetStorage host, upload account name, and password. However, when I initiate the encoding process and try to connect to the stream using OBS Studio, I encounter the following error message: “There is a problem with the given output. Please check your credentials”.

Hi Azi,
Thanks for getting in touch and posting this question. In general it should be stated that when pushing live content to Akamai, in general we would recommend using MSL4. However for short events NetStorage might work.

It’s not possible to setup MSL4 as an output in the UI today, but it can be done using our API.

If you need to use NetStorage, it might be worth double checking this guide if you haven’t already, it’s a how to guide for using NetStorage.

I would then check it works with VOD, where we would always expect the workflow to work with NetStorage. If that is successful but you are still having issues, then a support ticket would also help engage the right Bitmovin team. If possible providing some encoding IDs helps us to troubleshoot more effectively.

We will also get in touch directly and see if we can arrange a call where we can work with you on resolving these issues.