I've invited lots of tenants to my account, but only a limited set is shown on Dashboard

I’ve invited a high number of tenants to my Organisation. I noticed that not all of them are displayed under my Dashboard: Bitmovin Dashboard

At the moment, the Dashboard UI limits the number of entries displayed under the Teams section. To get a full and complete view of all the tenants in your Organisation, both the ones who have already accepted invitations to join and the ones who’re still pending, it’s possible to call this API:

GET https://api.bitmovin.com/v1/account/organizations/{desiredOrgID}groups/{desiredGroupId}/invitations?offset=0&limit=50

In each iteration, the offset value should be increased by 50 (since the limit is set to 50), until covering all the possible results. The logic would be something like this:

if (returnedItems==limit) --> offset == offset+limit and do another request
else --> no more requests are needed, so finish iteration