Issues embedding DRM content in iFrame only on Chrome/Firefox?

Has anyone run into any (more recent) issues embedding a player from one URL into another using an iFrame?

  • We are serving DRM content from our app, which is embedded on another site
  • Playback used to work fine on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari
  • Now playback fails on Chrome and Edge only with: Error code: 2006 - DRM_NO_KEY_SYSTEM
  • Playback works on all browsers when accessing the URL directly

Almost like the iFrame / embedding aspect is preventing the player from knowing which DRM system to use… Any ideas?

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I think you’ve already set up the required attributes to play encrypted streams via iFrame , but let me double check the below points

  1. Are the both sites (the parent and the embedded) deployed via https?
  2. Does your iframe element have the allow="encrypted-media" attribute?

From the error message, it seems the site wasn’t allowed to use the browser’s EME API via iFrame. So I suppose the iframe’s feature policy could be related.

Here are the reference pages of iframe attributes and feature-policy:encrypted-media.

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