[iOS] How to I apply player.max Selectable Bitrate immediately?

It seems that the only way is to change the video quality with player.max Selectable Bitrate on iOS.

player.maxSelectableBitrate is normal in build or runtime. However, it takes a long time to actually work or doesn’t seem to work.

Does anyone have a solution to this issue? I hope the picture quality changes immediately. If you have a good solution, please share it.

Hi @reddsw On iOS/tvOS, the ABR quality selection logic is decided by the underlying Apple framework and we don’t have much control over it. It can be an iOS/tvOS’s limitation.

The option we can control is the maxSelectableBitrate, which is based on the AVFoundation preferredPeakBitRate option.

To improve this behaviour, we also need to wait for Apple’s API improvement because we need to rely on their native API. Once the iOS/tvOS framework provides additional features for quality control, we’ll be able to consider supporting it. Several similar questions are also posted on public forums too such as [1][2].

[1] avplayer manual bitrate control | Apple Developer Forums
[2] iphone - Is there a way to select the bit rate while using AVPlayer for HTTP live audio streaming? - Stack Overflow

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