I want Axinom Support For Bitmovin using username and password,facing undefined error

I am trying to use SPEKE DRM for axinom configuration
here is the request body :

“outputs”: [
“outputId”: “af813fde-8ce0-4a26-91eb-2611add3b547”,
“outputPath”: “/bitmovinWebhook/video/cenc”,
“acl”: [
“permission”: “PUBLIC_READ”
“type”: “SPEKE”,
“provider”: {
“url”: “https://key-server-management.axtest.net/api/Speke”,
“username”: “AXINOM TENANT ID”,
“systemIds”: [
“edef8ba9-79d6-4ace-a3c8-27dcd51d21ed”, //random
“9a04f079-9840-4286-ab92-e65be0885f95” //random

I am getting this error as response :

An undefined error occurred
developerMessage: An undefined error occurred. Please contact support and provide the requestId for further investigation
errorCode: 1004
  An undefined error occurred. Please contact our support team and provide info about your call https://bitmovin.com/contact-support

code snippet :

  private createFmp4SpekeDrm(
    encoding: Encoding,
    muxing: Muxing,
    output: Output,
    outputPath: string,
    systemIds: string[],
  ): Promise<SpekeDrm> {
    const provider = new SpekeDrmProvider({
      url: this.config.get<string>('SPEKE_URL'),


    provider.username = 'AXINOM_TENANTID_HERE'; // env
    provider.password = 'AXINOM_MANAGEMENT_KEY_HERE';

    const drm = new SpekeDrm({
      contentId:'',  //to be discussed
      provider: provider,
      outputs: [this.buildEncodingOutput(output, outputPath)],
      systemIds: systemIds,

    return this.bitMovinApi.encoding.encodings.muxings.fmp4.drm.speke.create(encoding.id!, muxing.id!, drm);

Please help me to add Axinom DRM to my


Thanks for joining the Bitmovin Community and posting this question. Can you please provide the Encoding Id where the issue occurred to assist you, as the DRM topic can have multiple outcomes? This way, I can analyze what happened with the Encoding Settings you used and provide recommendations.

How to retrieve the Encoding Id: