How to solve segment not available

hey, wanted to ask how to solve this one?
i wanted to redirect where there’s a segment_9.m4s

Hi @muhammad , thanks for your query. Apologies for the delay to respond here. In general, please add such queries to support section instead of discussion section of the community portal.

Coming to the query, can you please share the Manifest URL with us? Looking at above logs, the playback failed with error NETWORK_ERROR/1400 with message Segments not available at any quality or location. This error indicates that the segments are not available at the URI location defined in manifest(DASH MPD or HLS variant playlist) file.

Normally the manifest file(DASH MPD or HLS variant playlist) should be containing correct URI location of the audio/video segments or the origin server/CDN should re-direct the requests to correct location if the media segments are moved.

Player is expected to fail playback with above error if the media segments are not found at URI location defined in manifest file.