How Eventive implemented Forensic Watermarking with Bitmovin and NAGRA

Learn how Eventive grew from serving 130 organizations for in-person events to over 1000 for virtual screenings, setting new quality and security standards along the way.

  • Covid-19 pandemic threatened film festival business, needed to pivot quickly to online events

  • Successfully launched with Bitmovin UHD encoding and multi-DRM protection

  • Their high-demand, premiere content was being leaked by authenticated users, so another level of security became necessary

  • Partnered with Bitmovin and NAGRA to implement server-side A/B forensic watermarking, allowing them to detect illicit activity and take action

Read more and download the full case study here.

You can also check out the documentation for implementing NAGRA forensic watermarking on your own streams and read our blog about video watermarking, which goes into more detail about the server-side A/B approach.