How can I put a text filter in the top left corner of a video near the Bitmovin logo?

I want to put a text in video while encoding on the top left corner of the video. Currently, it’s coming at the centre of the video. I want to put the text near the Bitmovin logo. Please see my code below.

private Task CreateTextFilter()
var textFilter = new TextFilter()
Text = _configProvider.GetTextFilterText(),
X = “main_w /2”,
Y = “main_h /2”
textFilter.FontColor = “#FFF”;
textFilter.FontSize = 14;
textFilter.Text = “Censor Copy - Spherex”;
textFilter.Font = TextFilterFont.DEJAVUSANS;

        return _bitmovinApi.Encoding.Filters.Text.CreateAsync(textFilter);

Also, we need to use some custom font in textfilter. Is it possible?
Please see the screenshot to understand the issue in detail.

You can most likely provide a X and Y position.
0 in both dimensions should be the top left corner.

A few different fonts are supported.

Please let us know in case you have further questions.