Error with Angular 14 and bitmovin-player

Dear community,

I try to get the bitmovin player running in my angular project.
I installed the player with npm i bitmovin-player, it installed me version bitmovin-player@8.103.0 . My angular version is 14.0.5.

I copied the example from bitmovin-player-web-samples/bitmovin-player.component.ts at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-samples · GitHub ,
but when I try to start the page, I get the error:

main.js:1 ERROR TypeError: aF(…) is not a constructor
at o.ngAfterViewInit (main.js:1:833588)
at po (main.js:1:5239197)
at bu (main.js:1:5239013)
at ld (main.js:1:5238728)
at vn (main.js:1:5290691)
at G3 (main.js:1:5290092)
at vn (main.js:1:5290117)
at z3 (main.js:1:5296888)
at P3 (main.js:1:5290540)
at vn (main.js:1:5290551)

This error occurs on
this.player = new Player(this.playerElement.nativeElement, this.playerConfig);

Does anyone know a solution for this? Thank you!

Best Thomas

To rule out any dependency issues, I would recommend integrating the player with a basic Angular 14 getting-started app.

Bitmovin-player is a commonJS library, so it doesn’t have any specific implementation for angular. The integration process should be similar to any other commonJS library.

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