Each orientation change is counted as Play Attempts for Android. Is there any way to fix this?

For Android, each orientation change is counted as Play Attempts. For example, after starting a video, changing orientation from vertical to horizontal, this session is counted as 2 Play Attempts, due to video is re-buffered after changes. Is there any way to fix this?

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Hi @macdigital ,

Thanks for your question. Orientation change from portrait to landscape and vice-a-versa needs to be managed in application. Bitmovin player on Android does not consider an orientation change as additional play attempt unless orientation change leads to re-start of the Activity that manages Bitmovin player instance which could result in application re-creating or re-loading player. You can check this behaviour with BasicPlayback sample application from Bitmovin.

Please see Android documentation on how to prevent Android Activity from restarting on orientation changes. The same configuration for BasicPlayback sample app from Bitmovin can be found here

If the above configuration is as expected in your application, it would be useful to know how do you arrive at conclusion that 2 play attempts are counted. In general Bitmovin player makes two requests to backend, 1st for checking if the application is authorised to use Bitmovin player and 2nd is for the player impression. The play count is measured from 2nd request only.

Please let us know if above information helps or if you have further questions.

Thanks and Regards,
Lucky Goyal

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