[Chromecast] [iOS] Cannot increase or decrease volume from device

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Since iOS 15 (until iOS 17), it is not possible to increase or decrease volume from device while casting with Chromecast.

I opened a ticket to Bitmovin Support 19 months ago and that was the answer I got:

We noticed that It’s a limitation in the Google cast SDK itself for iOS 15+ devices. Please see the below info from the Google cast website.

- (BOOL) physicalVolumeButtonsWillControlDeviceVolume readwritenonatomicassign
A flag indicating whether the sender device’s physical volume buttons should control the session’s volume.

Is there a way to enable this flag from the Bitmovin Player iOS SDK? If not, is this feature planned in the roadmap?

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EDIT: According to this comment on IssueTracker, it should have been fixed on iOS Sender 4.8.0. This version has been included into Bitmovin Player iOS SDK 3.44.0 but it still doesn’t not work on the latest version (3.50.0)

Vivian Chaizemartin

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We’re very interested in this functionality as well, seems like a small amount of work

There is currently no option to specify physicalVolumeButtonsWillControlDeviceVolume.

However, we always set GCKCastOptions.physicalVolumeButtonsWillControlDeviceVolume to true.

I quickly tested it with Google Cast SDK 4.8.0 and iOS Player SDK 3.50.0, and for me, this is working as expected (on iOS 17.2). I do see/hear a change in the receiver’s volume when using the volume buttons on the sender device.

Would it be possible for you to share any additional insights? Maybe a sample application?

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