[Chromecast] [Android] Volume cannot be controlled with physical keys on Android 12

Hello Everyone,

Since Android 12 (version 3.57.1), increasing or decreasing the volume from the device while casting with Chromecast is impossible.

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Hi @hengsopharuth94. Welcome to the Bitmovin community.

Chromecast volume adjustment is controlled by the Android system. Android 12 introduced many changes and limitations around cast volume control.

Our testing shows no difference between the Bitmovin Player and other apps supporting casting volume.

Have you identified a specific situation where the Bitmovin Player has a different behavior compared to other app?

Hello @kevin.rocard, thank you for your response.

I have tested it with another app, and it worked for Chromecast volume adjustment with Android 12.

Hi @kevin.rocard, does your team have any update or information regarding this issue? Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @admin.vodfactory and @hengsopharuth94, thank you for the bug report.
We have reproduced the issue and are looking for the root cause.
I will let you know when we release a fix.

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