Cannot generate a DASH manifest with segment list (instead of segment template)


My previous question was closed before I could answer :

The solution given is not working. The result is always an error with the message “Encoding has failed” (Category: UNDEFINED, Code: -1, Text: Unable to determine if the error is retryable.)

The encoding process succeed if I use the default dash manifest, but if I try to add a representation with type List (removing or leaving existing representation), the previous error is thrown.
I tried to create a “custom” manifest : same result when the representation is in type List.

My code is with the C# SDK and the revelant part about the DASH manifest is here :

Please provide a working example to generate a DASH manifest with LIST segment.
It could be very usefull too to have more detailed errors than the generic one I received.

Thanks by advance.

Are you still experiencing the same issue ? Could you please share your encoding ID ? We will take a closer look.

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

I have been doing some more research on this topic and it seems like Segment List is deprecated and might be removed from the API at some point.

Please use SegmentTemplate instead

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