Can output to AWS but not CDN when using Per-Title encoding


Encoding - VOD


What could I be missing?
I can successfully save to an AWS bucket (role-based Output) when using per-title encoding and ClearKey or AES-128 encryption.
But can’t save to the Bitmovin CDN with the same setup. When I switch from AWS Output to the CDN Output, the _execute_encoding method always fails. The error message is simply
‘Exception(“Encoding failed”)’.
To get the CDN Output, I’ve tried both _get_cdn_output and output = bitmovin_api.encoding.outputs.cdn.get(outpuLid=config_provider.geLoutput_cdn_id())'. I’ve also tried combinations with different folder paths.
Does anyone have advice for what to check? Thanks.

It could be that CDN is not enabled for your account. Generally, CDN is enabled along with the Encoding Pay as you go plan.
Please feel free to open a support ticket so we can discuss details related to your account specifically

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