BufferQueueProducer and detachBuffer error when playing different videos

I have a list of videos to be played by the bitmovin player on my android device, on the first render, the video I pressed over it renders and shows normally but once I one to see a video from the list the video doesn’t show even though the video sound is running.

Once I changed the video to fullscreen mode, the video appears which says me the error might be a styling issue but debugging I receive this error when I see other video, so I think it might be related to the not showing video. I might be worng though.

@carrerafandres2496 are you able to reproduce the issue with one of our sample apps ? It would help confirming whether the error most likely comes from the player or your implementation.


A good way forward if you are able to reproduce outside of your app, would be to open a ticket at support@bitmovin.com and share a test stream URL in order for our support team to reproduce and investigate.

Hi @ludovic.michaud,

Thanks for the reply!

Yeah well I realized I had some wrong implementation because I could test it using the examples and it didn’t appear so I was working on fixed and finally could it. Thanks!

great to hear that, thanks for the feedback !

hello @carrerafandres2496 great to know you found a solution. Is it possible for you to share with the community how you fixed it?