Bitmovin Support for different platform

We are working on the Ott smart tv project where we need to support different TV platforms
1- Samsung Smart TV 2018+
2- LG Smart TV 2018+
3- Whale OS 2018+
4- Netrange 2018+
5- Sony 2018+ (Linux)
6- Hisense Vida 2018+

We know it support lg, samsung, hisense out of the box, but Will we get full support on whaleos, netrange, sony (linux).

On top of it Does bitmovin support on above platform
1- PIP
2- H.265
3- Cast using Chromecast
4- Multicast ABR using Akamai and Broadpeak​
5- Yourbora Integration
8- Reporting platform Integration (Monitoring)

@rajan.s The question covers a broad scope. You can refer to our support matrix article to obtain a basic understanding. If you require expert advice and specific details, please contact us through the dashboard - Bitmovin Dashboard

Support Matrix - Supported Platforms & Devices

Thanks @Kishore for sharing the link. I have raised the query and waiting for reply.

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