Bitmovin encoding distorts colors on HDR video

After encoding, video recorded on iPhone 13 Pro with HDR enabled has very different colors in the resulting video. Screenshots of original video (left) and after encoding (right):

Here’s configuration part for encoding:

new H264VideoConfiguration({
    name: `H.264 720p`,
    presetConfiguration: PresetConfiguration.VOD_STANDARD,


new Fmp4Muxing({
    segmentLength: 4.0,
    outputs: [buildEncodingOutput(output, outputPath)],
    streams: [new MuxingStream({ streamId: })],


Thanks for reaching out @sulyashev !
It seems like you haven’t added a HDR configuration to your codec configuration.

Please feel free to check out our documentation as well as the following article for further information and configuration examples.

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In addition, our newly published SDK example on using HDR (and if necessary convert it to SDR) should provide some useful pointers:

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