Bitmovin analytics grafana pulgin

We have been using the bitmovin grafana plugin (GitHub - bitmovin/analytics-grafana-datasource: Easily visualize your video analytics data in your Grafana dashboard using our new Grafana plugin so Bitmovin Analytics can be used as a Data Source in your Grafana deployment) to build bitmovin dashboards on grafana. The plugin is built using angular which is deprecated in grafana 10 and is planned to be permanently removed from grafana 12. Is there any plan to move this to react ?

Even though angular is currently supported by grafana, I am not able to make this plugin work from 10.2.0, I have a suspicion it started failing because grafana bumped the systemjs version (Plugins: Bump SystemJS to 6.14.2 by jackw · Pull Request #70068 · grafana/grafana · GitHub). The plugin fails with below error from 10.2.0

TypeError: requestHandler_1.default is not a constructor

Hi @pavan.chikkala

Yes! Not only is it planned to update but it’s already being worked on for the last few weeks and we hope to have a new version available soon to fix the issue.

We also have been seeing issues with the latest Grafana version and the plugin not working together - but this should be fixed with switching to the React version.

Hope this helps, I’ll let you know once we have the new version available.

greetings, Daniel
Sr. Director of Engineering - Analytics

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Hi @pavan.chikkala
We just released a new version (v1.0.0) of the plugin that migrates it to Grafana’s React-based plugin platform. The plugin is now working for grafana versions >= 10.2.0.

Greetings, Myriam
Software Engineer - Analytics