Automate Video Editing with Bitmovin Encoding API - Streamline Trimming, Cutting, and Merging Videos

If you’ve been manually editing videos and are seeking a more efficient approach to your video editing workflow, the Bitmovin Encoding API enables you to automate video editing processes, save time, and optimize your workflow from editing to deployment, moving beyond manual methods like ffmpeg trimming, cutting, and concatenating.

Start by referring to the tutorial article.

It offers step-by-step guidance on utilizing the Bitmovin Encoding API to create an improved video editing experience. By integrating the Bitmovin Encoding API into your workflow, you can easily combine and concatenate video clips, increasing efficiency and simplifying your process.

The tutorial article not only demonstrates how to use the Bitmovin Encoding API but also provides a simple code example to give you an idea of its capabilities in enhancing your video editing workflow. As you implement the Bitmovin Encoding API, you’ll notice a decrease in manual effort and improved results throughout the editing and deployment stages.

We encourage you to explore the tutorial article and discover the full potential of the Bitmovin Encoding API for automating your video editing tasks. By learning from this resource, you’ll gain new insights that will elevate your video editing workflow’s efficiency and effectiveness.


@kazuhide , great article - could this process perhaps be used to add an age-rating or a content-warning to a movie, while maintaining the movie’s original soundtrack, and without having to use a craft-editor?

@Adrian Yes, if such warning video is in the video format (e.g. a 10-second video with silent audio), this feature can be used to add it before the main video content like a pre-roll.

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