Auto-resize BUG

The player tries to auto-resize movies with letterbox - see below:

I have solved that by setting a specific resolution by hand, but that is not a solution for all our viewers, they are not all as technically versed as I am.
It’s a really frustrating issue for our audiences - is there a setting that we can set for our player so the auto setting, doesn’t do that?

Hi @andrei.muntean , thanks for reporting this. Can you please share following additional information to help us debug this behaviour.

  • Which player SDK(Web, Android/iOS, ReactNative, Flutter, Roku) is this observed on?
  • Depending on player SDK, which platform is this observed on?
    • Web : Chrome/Safari/Edge
  • Can you please provide a sample page/app where we can repro this behaviour?

Thanks and Regards,
Lucky Goyal

It’s on Web - I saw it at on Chrome and Firefox. I’m waiting to find out what was the user who recorded it was using. BTW: How could the user record it anyway - it’s protected by DRM…

This is where you can test it - you need to register as a user to get access: WOCOO: The new free streaming service: watch free movies online!

Thanks for the reponse @andrei.muntean . I created an account and tried a few playbacks on Chrome but I could not see this behaviour. It will be really helpful if you could please share the repro steps.

About screen recording, I tried to screenshot or record the content on Chrome but got only a black screen, so the DRM protection seems to be working as expected. In general, the prevention of recording are screenshots is managed by the DRM client/CDM inside the browser/platform. It will be interesting to know how did the user managed to create this GIF. That should be reported to Chrome dev or respective issue tracker.

Please also try it on firefox. It doesn’t always happen.

Hi @andrei.muntean , I tried it on Firefox as well, I will send you a private message w.r.t screen recording on Firefox, kindly check it.