StreamLab: Custom DRM headers

Product insight ID is PB-29310442

What is this feature supposed to do? Is it linked to a problem?
In the StreamLab we need the possibility to set DRM headers, because requests may require credentials. To properly test the player and isolate issues it would help a lot to use the StreamLab.

How should this feature look like from your point of view?
Add new inputs to add headers. Every header should have two inputs for the key and value as well as a button to add another header.

How does this feature impact your workflow?
Without this feature we can’t use the StreamLab, because all our streams are DRM encrypted and require additional headers.

Road map

Is there a timeline to meet? When would you need this to be available?
Gladly as soon as possible.

Additional context
In the Bitmovin-Player config we can define static and dynamic headers. For this feature it would be enough to define the headers as requested above. Dynamic headers for the StreamLab are out of scope in my opinion.

Hi thanks for adding this feature request. I can understand that you may need to supply request headers together with your DRM protected streams. This isn’t currently possible in Stream Lab but it’s something we’ve previously thought about, for example, by allowing you to submit a config section for Bitmovin Player. I don’t have a timeline for when we might add that feature, however, I’ll keep an eye on votes for this request now you’ve created it.