Smooth - playready stream issue on Tizen OS

I’m not an expert with Tizen but I’m trying to reproduce a smooth stream using the Bitmovin Tizen app available on GitHub. I’ve just edited the main.js code to work with the stream and I am able to install and run the app on my TV.

The issue happens after 1-2 seconds after the streams properly starts. In fact, after 1-2 seconds the stream is stuck buffering with the 3 dots and never starts again.

I’ve tried different setting changing the app_id, adding the domain in the license portale but the issue is always the same.

This is the source:
var source = {
smooth: ‘https://Manifest_url’,
drm: {
// widevine support is only acceptable from Tizen2017 onward, use playready instead
// widevine: { LA_URL: ‘’ }
playready: { utf8message: true, plaintextChallenge: true, headers: { ‘Content-Type’: ‘text/xml’ }, LA_URL: ‘https://la_url…’ },
title: ‘Art of Motion’,

I also added the module:

I’m developing on a Mac m1 with Tiene studio just downloaded and sdk version 7. My tv is year 2021.

I hope you can help me.


Hi Pier!

I asked one of our engineers to test it for you and we saw the same results. At this point, we can only suggest that this behavior has something to do with the compatibility issues of PlayReady and Smooth streaming. There are a couple of pieces of advice from the engineering team:

  • their biggest recommendation is to use HLS or DASH instead of Smooth streaming, then everything should work as expected;
  • you can try using Widevine instead of PlayerReady with your current setup and check if the result is better;
  • check if you can make your stream with PlayReady work on other devices;
  • check which security level your PlayReady is using: SL2000 or SL 3000. Our recommendation is currently to use SL2000.