Roku Closed Captions Default Location

How do I change the default closed captions location on Roku from the top center to be the bottom center so there’s parity with other platforms?

It’s not possible on Roku to position subtitles/captions yourself. The positioning comes in the subtitle/caption format and needs to be adjusted or corrected there. All major formats (TTML/DFXP/XML-based ones, WebVTT, EIA-608, …) have ways to do this.

Not only Stackoverflow and Roku Community questions indicate this, but also the Roku Developer docs only mention that e.g. in TTML/SMPTE-TT the position is recognized but nothing about changing the position.

Hi @daniel , that only applies to Roku? Do you know if there is way to change the default closed caption position on the Bitmovin web player? I have been looking at the documentation and I can’t find it. I know we can adjusted it on the subtitle/caption files but we would like to position the subtitle/caption not at the very bottom of the player by default. Even when the subtitle/caption format files do not include any positioning information. Thank you in advance for your help.

Hey @alexisv, on Web you can simply use CSS to change the position. See also Bitmovin Docs - Player | Player UI CSS Class Reference, but I’d recommend using Chrome’s (or other browser’s) Dev Tools to familiarize yourself with the UI structure around the subtitles.