Manage fullscreen with SwiftUI

Hello there,
I’m trying to implement on our SwiftUI app the bitmovin player.
I followed the Migrating from AVPlayer to the Bitmovin Player doc and also the sample app here.
The problem is that I can’t use the fullscreenHandler as I did on UIKit and there is only the BasicFullscreenHandling sample written in UIKit and not in SwiftUI.
How can I use the new SwiftUI VideoPlayerView class to manage the fullscreen?
Thank you!

Hi @stefano.russello!

You are right, currently we don’t support full screen handler with SwiftUI.
We are planning to add this feature later on but currently this isn’t planned for the near future!

What you can do right now is to build your own UIViewRepresentable conforming SwiftUI view and wrap PlayerView in it. This way you can expose whatever PlayerView API you need.