Is possible to add data-testid tag to custom ui config using UIManager?

I need to know if is possible to add a data-testid tag to PlaybackToggleOverlay using the recommended approach from bitmovin

import { Player } from 'bitmovin-player';
import { PlaybackToggleOverlay, UIContainer, UIManager } from 'bitmovin-player-ui';

// Definition of the UI structure
const mySimpleUi = new UIContainer({
  components: [
    new PlaybackToggleOverlay(),

const player = new Player(document.getElementById('container-id'), config);
const myUiManager = new UIManager(player, mySimpleUi);```

Hi @carlos.salmanca,

we do not have a built-in way to add data- attributes to our components. We only support adding custom classes to them through their initializer.

E.g. you can do the following:

new PlaybackToggleOverlay({ cssClass: 'custom-class' }),

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