Hybrid of video representation per title vs static ladder. How do I modify the output produced by "per title"

When working with VOD, I’d like to be able to adjust the outputs that Bitmovin decides to use when using the “per title” option. Like maybe I’d like to change the lower bitrate versions to use lower FPS, and maybe I’d like to add a higher bitrate version on top of all of the bitrates that Bitmovin was going to produce.

As far as I can tell, there isn’t a way to modify the output produced by the “per title” strategy without just creating a brand new ladder from scratch and doing it all manually. Not sure why this got moved from feature request to support.

Per-title encoding offers several options of stream templates.
You can either let per-title fully decide of the entire bitrate ladder, set a fixed ladder, or anything in between, such as by forcing certain bitrates and / or video dimensions to be generated in addition or as part of the bitrate ladder the per-title algorithm calculates.

Here is a detailed list of the possibilities

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