How to get getAvailableSubtitles in bitmovin player 8

I need the updated action for getting the Subtitle and Audio related controls

Hi @nihar.te , welcome to Bitmovin community forum and thanks for reaching out with your question.

You can use Subtitle API’s list API to get list of available subtitles.

More information about this can be found at existing community post Is it possible to activate subtitles on loading - #2 by lucky.goyal

Hope this information helps. Please let us know if there are any further questions on this topic.

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Thank you.
I need some more reference for custom selection for subtitle, audio change and video quality.

Hi @nihar.te , in general you can search Bitmovin web player API reference at Bitmovin Player API 8.118.0 for any APIs and events.

You can use search bar at the top to search for specific keywords like audio video quality and can find relevant APIs.

The specific link for PlayerAPI is PlayerAPI | Bitmovin Player API 8.118.0

Additionally, if you have a specific question about API usage or a specific use case in mind, please share it with us and will try to help with relevant documentation.

Thank you,
Can you please let me know the replaced method for
setSubtitle and getSubtitle

@nihar.te , all subtitle APIs are listed at PlayerSubtitlesAPI | Bitmovin Player API 8.118.0

I assume that for setSubtitle, you are referring to enabling a specific subtitle, the corresponding API is subtitles.enable

What is the use case behind getSubtitle API, are you looking to check currently active subtitle? If yes, then you can check with following code

subtitles.list().filter((subtitleTrack) => subtitleTrack.enabled)

Since you mentioned replaced method for setSubtitle and getSubtitle, are you migrating from Bitmovin V7 SDK to V8 SDK. In that case you can find a migration guide at Migration Guide - v7 to v8

The migration guide also captures a Subtitles specific section.

Thank you.
Any guideline for 6 to 8 ?

Sorry, there is no migration guide for V6 to V8 migration. But happy to answer any question. Can I update the title to V6 to V8 migration and you can continue to ask questions in this topic. It might be helpful for any other developers who attempt such a migration in future.

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