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Roku OS 13.0 includes a new contentClassifier content metadata attribute (Roku) that lets developers optimize the sound and picture on Roku TVs based on different content genres. This helps developers increase app engagement by giving customers a simple, convenient way to optimize their playback experience. Other media enhancements include new Video node attributes that provide developers with accessibility information about audio and subtitle tracks.

Developers can use the contentClassifier content metadata attribute to specify the genre of their content (for example, action, sports, or comedy), and the Roku OS will use this attribute to automatically adjust the sound and picture on Roku TVs (if auto mode is selected for the picture or sound settings).

Right now (11th July 2024) it is partially supported

Issue description: impossible to set new field contentClassifier (Roku) in case source parameter for load function (Bitmovin-Player-Roku-SDK) is object.

It’s properly set if we use content node as source, but in this case DRM-protected content failed to play (looks like DRM httpAgent isn’t initialised).