Bitmovin Player Forward & Rewind Button


We would like to add forward and rewind buttons to Bitmovin player in our app MAC+.

Does Bitmovin player support this feature with SDK or should we add these buttons as custom buttons?

Additionally, if we create some custom buttons on player, how we can add functionality to these buttons?

Our desired player view is shown below.

Thanks for your support.

Hi @macdigital , thanks for your query. Bitmovin player UI does not support the skip forward/backward buttons out of the box but these can be added by customizing the player UI. You can find an example of this at bitmovin-player-web-samples/customForwardRewindButtons.html at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-web-samples · GitHub

Further more Bitmovin player UI is open source and you can customize it as per your needs.

You can find generic information about customizing the UI in README file of the UI project at GitHub - bitmovin/bitmovin-player-ui: The Bitmovin Adaptive Streaming Player UI

Please let us know if above information is helpful and if you have further questions.

Hi Lucky,
Thanks for your answer. Our developers have already checked links that you have shared. However, these samples are related to web (html). We are developing the player for mobile. Is there any other examples for mobile that we can check?

ok @macdigital , thanks for the inputs. The UI used on Android/iOS Player is also same HTML/JS UI used in Web player SDK. You can find generic example of customizing Player UI on Android and iOS below.

CustomUIKotlin for Android

CustomHtmlUi for iOS

We do not have a specific example for demonstrating customizing UI for skip buttons but above examples for Web/iOS/Android can be used to implement this customization. Hope this helps.

Hi Lucky,

We integrated iOS / Android native SDK to our MAC+ App. But we do not understand why we need to use HTML/JS CSS for customizing player. Is HTML/JS the only way to customize player?

For example, apart from forward/rewind button, we also do not activate Chromecast feature. We assume that SDK does support this feature directly. How can we use these kind of Bitmovin features?

Hi @macdigital

HTML/JS CSS approach is recommended since it is the quickest way to get started with the UI and we have a common UI framework that can be used across Android/IOS/Web/Smart TV.

In addition, by disabling the HTML-based UI you can implement your own native UI.


A complete code sample is available here - bitmovin-player-android-samples/ at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-android-samples · GitHub

Casting is supported, and we have an example of how to implement it here -bitmovin-player-android-samples/BasicCasting at main · bitmovin/bitmovin-player-android-samples · GitHub