Android 14 request: Migrating BitmovinDownloadService from foreground service to user-initiated data transfer jobs

Since Android 14, Google is very strict with the usage of foreground services. As the BitmovinDownloadService is using the FOREGROUND_SERVICE_DATA_SYNC permission, I would like suggesting to migrate to user-initiated data transfer jobs, as suggested by Google.

This is important because when your app targets API level 34, you have to declare the foreground service types the app is using (which Bitmovin did by adding the permission). But now we also have to declare this in the Play Store with a description and video.

Hi @mellissa.geutskens!

Welcome to the Bitmovin Community and thank you for your suggestion regarding our Player Android SDK.

We will be monitoring further interest on this post as well as other channels and will let you know here when there’s any movement.

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