Analytics API limits and batch queries

Are there any limits (requests per second) on using the API - Bitmovin Docs - Analytics API Reference | Queries and is it possible to chain queries together in one request, for example; get total plays, hours watched, unique users and view time grouped by video id for the last 24 hours.

Hi there and thanks for your question.

Are there any limits (requests per second) on using the API

  • We do have limits depending on the plan you are on
  • The default limit is 1000 requests per hour

If you have a special case you want to cover we would need more details on that so we can figure out the best approach to implement it

is it possible to chain queries together

  • no it is not possible to use multiple aggregations within one request.

Thanks for the reply. We can work with that limit for our current needs. When we move to an enterprise plan will contact to discuss it further.

Is there a maximum to the “limit” api parameter? For example, if we are tracking 100k+ videos and need to query plays, hours watched, unique users, view time and several custom variables every hour for say count and sum, setting a high maximum could keep requests under the 1000 per hour limit. However, a low maximum like 50 or 200 would hit the limit.

A limit max of 200 should be OK until we exceed 10k videos.

The default and the max value for the field limit is 200

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